The Board

The Kenya Roads Board is a state corporation in the Ministry of Roads. The Board of Directors is made up of stakeholder representatives, each representing various interest groups and areas.

The Cabinet Secretary
Mr  James W Macharia

Rita Kavashe, Chairman,
Kenya Roads Board

Eng. Jacob Ruwa, OGW
Executive Director
Kenya Roads Board

Institute of Certified Public
Accountants of Kenya

Kenya Association of Manufacturers


Kenya Transport Association

Mrs. Mary Wangui Wambugu
League of Kenya Women Voters

The Automobile Association of Kenya

Institution of Surveyors of Kenya

Institution of Engineers of Kenya

Kenya Association of Tour Operators

Prof. Arch Paul Maringa - PS, State Dept of Infrastructure
Mr. Nemwel Motanya - Alternate Director, State Dept of Infrastructure
Mr. Kamau Thugge - PS/Director,National Treasury
Mr. Onderi Ontweka - Alternate Director National Treasury
Mr. Nelson Marwa - PS/Director, Ministry of Devolution
Mr. James Mwanzia - Alternate Director, Ministry of Devolution
Ms. Susan Komen - PS/Director East Africa Community
Mr. Alfred Kitolo - Alternate Director East Africa Community
Mr. Paul King’ori - Alternate Director Transport