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Sessional Paper 2006
Economic recovery and sustained growth is acknowledged as the mechanism by which the lives of Kenyans will be improved and the indicators identified in the Millennium Development Goals achieved.

A functioning transport sector is a key pillar of economic growth. In Kenya, road transport is the predominant mode of transport. The road network is currently not in the condition that is required if it is to play its role of promoting economic growth.

The prevailing poor state of our roads is a result of many years of inadequate financing and maintenance. Various studies indicate that the financial and administrative needs of the road network, which have increased steadily over the years, have outgrown the framework in which the sector is currently managed.

The key objective of this policy paper is to bring about adequate and consistent maintenance and development of roads by creating a conducive environment for all players to contribute effectively. This in turn will ensure that road transport fulfils its role in the attainment of sustainable economic growth.

Download the detailed reports below:

Sessional Paper of 2006
sessi...er06.pdf 140 kb .pdf


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