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Scope of Audit

The scope of work is generally divided into Interim (July to December) and Annual (July to June) TP& F audits of KRB fund expenditures of Road Agencies to cover road activities during the Financial Year.

The audits entail:

  1. Review of the implementation of findings/issues of the previous audits.
  2. Comprehensive audits of the Financial Year under review covering all on-going and/or completed Road Agencies' contracted works with contract sums exceeding KShs. 50 million.

Selective audits of a representative sample of:

  • The funds to the Kenya Rural Roads Authority (KeRRA), ensuring that the cumulative coverage of KeRRA regions is 100%.
  • Funds to the Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) spot improvement and routine maintenance works.
  • Selective audits either at random or in response to known risks to ensure a representative sample of all projects below KShs. 50 million. Priority is given to high value projects.
  • Funds for all KRB funded activities of the Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA) and its representative Local Authority agencies.
  • Funds to Kenya Wildlife Service road works where applicable.
  • Ad hoc audits as and when necessary;
  • Special audits on request of development partners or other financiers supporting specific programmes within the regions of the assignment. The services form an addendum to KRB audits. Where these audits are required an appendix to the Terms of Reference (ToR) is provided detailing:
    1. Any modified requirements to the ToR.
    2. Scope of works of the specific funded road programme.
    3. Audit frequency and reporting requirements.
    4. Payment procedures.

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